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Top 5 haircut trends for the summer.

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The pandemic brought lots of crazy stuff to the surface, and one of them was innovative hairstyling. Although people were sitting at home, they gave themselves a haircut because they were bored. A very much defines who you are and what your personality is like. This is why hair fashion is considered among the top styles worldwide. Since this summer is still under the influence of Coronavirus, we have brought you some trendy hairstyles for girls and guys. These will complete your summer look and will match your vibe.

The world got to see some pretty bizarre but beautiful cuts in the year 2020. And that is why here in 2021, we bring some stunning yet trendy hair fashion that will set everyone in awe.

The five haircut that are hot for summer

We have picked up five out of hundreds of hairstyles that are high in fashion this summer. As for the year, 2021 mullets were high in fashion alongside bangs. Layers and even buzzcuts. Choose the one that complements your personality and rock the look under the sun this summer.

Women's short fade undercut  pixie haircut
Women's short fade undercut pixie haircut

The undercut

Firstly, we have this very trendy fashion look for you. The undercut has been the favorite hairstyle for women and men as well. What makes this cut different is that it makes one look youthful. The style of hair set in this cut makes everyone rethink their hairstyles as well. Not only that, in the past few years, we saw many celebrities with this fantastic cut on screen. If you are Marvel’s fan, then you must have seen the beautiful and ethereal Scarlett Johnson rocking the dazzling undercut. Not only her but there were also many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Chris Evans, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Adam Levine, and Justin Bieber.

Secondly, the most crucial thing about undercut is that it comes in various styles. This means that you can choose the look that you think will go best with your face.

Furthermore, there are a lot of types of undercuts you can opt for, such as:

  • Slick back cut

  • Disconnected undercut

  • Side part cut

  • Temple cut

  • Blowout cut

Classic blunt bob haircut with bangs women's haircut
Classic blunt bob haircut with bangs

Blunt Ends

Blunt ends are the second on our list for this summer style. The hairstyle that you see most of the bikers rocking is not a dream at all. If you want to rock this look just like your favorite idol, we are here to help. There are a lot of styles that you can opt for in blunt cut and sparkle under the spotlight. Just sit back and see which style will bring out your personality. And then go for it. Summers are all about having fun, so trying the new blunt ends hairstyle will be fun.

Furthermore, there are a lot of styles within the blunt ends that you can rock. If you are looking for a very simplistic style in sharp ends, we suggest you go with side-parted bobs. All of these haircuts look incredibly stylish.

  • Blunt Pixie Bob

  • Neck length bob

  • Side parted bob

  • Side swept bangs and bob

Bella Hadid, Kiley Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and many more rocked this beautiful hairstyle for women in the previous years.

women's long bang haircut
Long bang haircut

Long bangs

Who doesn’t love bangs, right? Bangs are the go-to fashion statement for most people worldwide. And that is the reason we have picked it up as the summer looks for 2021. Bangs are the hairstyles for long hair that look perfect on heart shapes and round-shaped faces. So women this year are opting more and more for this look. Bangs are not just hairstyles for long hair. It’s more than that for people. When bangs are paired up with long hair, they make an extremely cute pair making you look more ethereal.

Furthermore, a few of the choices of hairstyles for girls in long bangs are;

  • Long hair with V cut

  • Eyebrow grazing bangs

  • Copy shag with bangs

  • Log side-parted feathered cut

Lastly, here are a few celebrities you can look up to as an inspiration for this look. Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Elizabeth Olsen, and Billie Eilish rocked the bangs, and so should you.

womens's face framing haircut
Face framing haircut

Face framing layers

Cutting your hair in different lengths helps them define the features of your shape. However, if you still think about why you need a face-framing haircut, let us help you. If you want your facial features to be highlighted and prominent, there is no better option than framing layers.

If you are still worried about how it will turn out, we suggest looking at the celebrities. Selena Gomez, Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Dakota Johnson rocked this beautiful hairstyle.

Moreover, this haircut is for everyone. From oval-shaped faces to square shapes, you will find that it looks beautiful on everyone.


Never going out of style, Buzz Cut is still the top demanded hairstyle for short hair. This simple cut can make a man look more intimidating and handsome. There are a lot of celebrities who tried out this haircut and rocked it. As we call it, every barber worldwide knows the buzz cut, the staple hairstyle for short hair. So if you want to have a haircut like Zayn Malik or David Beckham, ask for it.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these trendy looks for the summer and dazzle under the sun. If you are also tired of the scorching heat and want something fresh, we suggest you go for a haircut. Change your appearance and let the people stare at you with awe. Hurry up before the summer ends!

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