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"Top 10 Trending Hair Colors for 2023: Get Ahead of the Fashion Curve"

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

As a hair stylist, I understand that switching up your hair color is an excellent way to change your look and stand out. Keeping up with the latest hair color trends is crucial to staying ahead of the fashion curve, and I'm here to help you do just that. Here are the top 10 hair colors to try in 2023 that you don't want to miss out on.

 Honey-Gold Bronde

1. Honey-Gold Bronde: This color is the perfect blend of brunette and blonde and is expected to be a popular choice during the colder months. With a rich base of brunette, accentuated with honey ribbon highlights, it gives you a stunning contrast and vibrancy for a natural look.

2. Sand Tropez: This mix of gold and ash is a relatively new color that's expected to stick around. Achieve it through a combination of highlights and mid-lights and enjoy a beachy vibe all year round.

 Sand Tropez

Fine Lines

3. Fine Lines: The trend is moving away from chunky highlights and towards fine, natural-looking highlights. Ask for fine woven highlights or baby lights to achieve this look, which is most suitable for short or medium hair lengths.

4. Warm Brunettes: Brunette is always in style, but this year, the trend is for warm brunettes. Opt for deep golden blonde or light tones like caramel or chocolate to give your brown hair a warm sun-kissed appearance with subtle golden or amber tones.

5. Deep Auburn: If you have a deeper skin tone and brown eyes, deep auburn is a great option for you. It's an intense red color that adds a brilliant shine to your appearance and complements blue or green eyes.

Deep Auburn

6. Cinnamon Red: If you want to experiment with red hair but are afraid of going too bold, cinnamon red is a great option. It's a softer shade of red that can vary from light reddish brown to deep auburn, so talk to your stylist to find the right shade for you.

7. Mushroom Brown: This natural color mimicking the shade of mushrooms is set to be a big trend this season. Natural brunettes can add some interest to their hair color with lowlights and highlights in an ash-brown base.

8. Mahogany Glow: This classic touch of red for a brunette look has been popular for several years and is showing no signs of slowing down. It looks best on dark hair, and you can choose from a range of shades and dimensions. Talk to your colorist before making a decision.

 Reverse Balayage

9. Reverse Balayage: This low-maintenance hair color is like a mirror image of traditional balayage and is a great option for those with bright highlights who want an easier-to-grow-out color. The root color is one shade lighter than your natural color, blending with your new growth and highlights for a subtle but noticeable contrast.

10. Bright Pops: If you're looking for a change from your usual, straight and dull hair color, try something different. Bright pops like blue and pink are set to be big in 2023 and are perfect for those who want to stand out.

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