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Rezo Academy Miami February 2022: Experience and Review

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

mark rodriguez doing rezo haircut

If you missed out on Rezo's Cut and Lites class that took place a couple of weeks ago in Miami, not to worry.

Life is busy. You can’t be at EVERY class. But I was, and I took notes because you shouldn’t have to miss out!

Rezo Academy is known for its infamous ‘Cut and Lites’ hairstyling methods. They have many classes available where they teach stylists like myself, extra tips and tricks to better our crafts.

Their methods are different from any other that you have seen, but trust me - the proof is in the style!

If you're interested in taking a Rezo's Cut and Lites class, interested in hearing my reviews, or just curious about my experience with my wife in Miami, keep reading!

Rezo Academy Cut and Lights Class in Miami: 6 and 7 February 2022 Schedule

Course Description:

  • Day 1 (Sunday, 6 February 2022) - Hands-on training in the Rëzo Cut method using a mannequin (mannequin supplied)

  • Day 2 (Monday, 7 February 2022) - Hands-on training in the Rëzo Lites color method using a mannequin (mannequin supplied)

  • A certificate to start using these amazing techniques with your clients!

Day 1: The Rezo Cut

My journey will begin with an early morning road trip with my wife travelling from Orlando to Wynwood, Miami to attend a class by an iconic agency - Rezo Academy.

Our 3,5-hour Sunday drive on the morning of the 6th of February was all but boring. If you've never driven in these parts before, coloring the walls of many of the buildings are exciting murals by talented artists that you just can't miss when passing through!

But, the whole point of our trip was Rezo's two-day infamous ‘Cut and Lites’ class. It started at 10 am, and luckily, we arrived just in time!

Once I found the correct entrance, security buzzed me in and I made my way up to the 5th floor. It appeared to be a mid rise apartment building made up of lofts and studios.

There was even a mustard commercial being filmed on the same floor!

When entering the classroom, I was immediately blown away by the floor-ceiling exposed cement, with piping and spray paint markers as if it were still under construction. Coupled with the natural sunlight filtering through the windows, it was a perfect balance!

After signing the release forms, class started:

  • Each of us were given curly-haired mannequins and asked to begin detangling the hair on our mannequins.

  • Introductions. After the instructors introduced themselves, each stylist attending the class got the opportunity to introduce and share a little bit about ourselves.

  • Our cutting instructor, Erica, explained to us how to conduct a proper client consultation. She walked us through everything from hair prep tips to give our clients, and then, how to begin the infamous Rezo Cut.

As soon as she started the cutting demo, I was intrigued by the cutting approach they used because it was so different from the traditional haircutting techniques I’ve learned over the years.

But as she worked through her sections, detailing each step, the results spoke for themselves.

  • Erica used a buzzed down mannequin head, and head sheets to show us how to section hair correctly. After which, we then had our turn to duplicate the cut while the educators went around helping and giving pointers.

  • We continued until the full perimeter or head length was sectioned.

  • Now, it was time for lunch.

My wife and I went to Shelter, about a 5-minute drive away, for lunch. Brunch-rush was going on, and I tried the steak and eggs with some of the best-seasoned home fries I’ve ever had!

After brunch,

  • We resumed the haircut now that the perimeter was set. Here we learned the Rezo “elevation” layer technique.

Again, sectioning and technique were so different than I’ve ever seen but it was working and I could see the overall shape developing.

Day 1 Rezo Cut class ended at 5 pm and I was excited to check out the city with my wife.

We spontaneously decided to leave the car parked in a garage (rather than fight for street parking out of fear of getting a ticket or towed!)

Nevertheless, the walk was a pleasant break from the chaos of the day (and I actually like a bit of chaos). We strolled casually around on foot while checking out Wynwood.

It was such fun to explore Miami and found a lovely Asian food hall with an outdoor area and a live DJ! Everywhere you turned there were different cultures and it was the perfect 6 pm dinner spot!

After an amazing night’s rest at an Airbnb we rented, it was time for…

Day 2: The Rezo Lites

The final day of the Rezo Academy Cut and Lites Class!

My wife and I decided to celebrate this with a large portioned breakfast at The Daily Creative Food Co.

But, another early start waking up on Monday the 7th for Day 2, the class was starting at 9 am!

Day 2's focus was on the Rezo Lites. These are Rezo's specialty highlighting techniques to give a curly-haired client the commitment of healthy colored hair.

Using this technique, I will be able to provide my clients with versatile hair color services, while still keeping the integrity of the hair. Tip: this enhances the Rezo cut even further!

Day 2 saw our educators, Dom and Evelyn, take to the spotlight. After the first day, I found myself even more excited to begin day 2!

  • Dom started it off with Rezo Lites, where he gave a very detailed step-by-step introduction with “what and whys”, backed by theory and technical demonstrations.

Although we didn't have trays and were set up on metal chairs, the whole hands-on portion was the most fun! I got to know people from all over the US and even two stylists from Brazil!

All the colors, toners, developers, foils, and pretty much everything you need to do highlights were provided. (I brought my own comb clips, detangling brush, tripod, and shears.)

  • We continued applying the highlights to the rest of the hair. Once we were done with the full application, it was lunchtime.

My wife and I decided we just *had* to stop by the one place everyone kept raving about - Kush Burger.

And let me tell you, all the rave reviews were bang on…


At Kush Wynwood, I tried the Frita Burger, voted one of the top 52 burgers in the US. With guava jelly, potato six, bacon, swiss cheese, and LoKal sauce, the burger was delicious! All the flavors blended into something I've never had before but for some reason still felt familiar.

But what surprised me the most was how good the fries are! They were simple with salt and pepper, but fried to golden perfection!

When we got back, we went into:

  • Product knowledge with Evelyn. The educators now discussed with us the business side of things, like scheduling and pricing.

  • We then recapped and had an exciting Q&A. This is where I got to see more of our educator’s personality, it was such a great twist to end off an inspiring two days!

  • After this, there was a graduation ceremony, and like most of our trip, an absolute blast! We all received certificates in a classic clear acrylic frame.

Unfortunately, this is where our fun in Miami came to an end. After weighing up the pros and cons with my wife, the early start on Tuesday morning won out above exploring some more. We were in the car, on the road home, soon after the graduation ceremony.

Rezo Academy Cut and Lites Experience and Review

Now for the part you have all been patiently waiting for, my review:

rezo haircut

Classroom Setup - ★★★☆☆

It was hard to see the demo at some points. The room was set up in a salon, not necessarily helpful for education.

Education - ★★★★★

Knowledgeability - ★★★★★

Material - ★★★★★

Class Location - ★★★★★


  • The class is in the heart of Wynwood, Miami.

  • There are tons of food choices.

  • There’s a convenient coffee shop downstairs.

  • The parking app made it super easy to pay for parking.


  • They don’t play around with parking in Wynwood. Cars were often being towed but there were no free street parking options to use.

  • Class set up.


And there you have it, folks!

My experience and review from start to finish of Rezo's Cut and Lites class on the 6th and 7th of February 2022 in Wynwood, Miami!

I'm so glad that I went, I learned so much and was blown away by all the exciting experiences along the way.

If only we could have stayed longer...

Miami, my wife and I will see you soon again!

So, tell me, fellow stye-lovers. Are you interested in taking Rezo's next class? Got any questions? I'd love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below!

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