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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Balayage  tape in extensions 18"
Balayage tape in extensions 18"

Looking for a new way to get long locks? Changing up your hairstyle, color, or length can be as easy as investing in some new hair extensions! Go for the long look, cut them to the length you’d like, or style them any way you see fit. Extensions are a great way to get a new look for your hair without waiting for your hair to grow out naturally. There are many different types of hair extensions, so before you take the plunge on a set, you should learn as much as you can. Here are some of the different types of hair extensions you can purchase to help give your hairstyle a little extra “oomph.”

Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Hand tied weft hair extensions are wefts of hair that have been hand tied into a bundle to help create a seamless, natural looking effect to the hair extensions. These hair extensions are usually lightweight, seamless looking, and have a very “hairlike” appearance. These types of hair weft extensions are known for their movement and feel, and are good candidates for more permanent sew-in extensions.

Before picture of Balayage  tape in extensions 18"

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions, as the name may imply, are those wefts of extensions which are taped onto your roots using medical grade tape. These extensions look natural because they lay flat on your head. They also have the benefit of being easy to apply and easy to remove. Tape in extensions are perfect for someone who wants to temporarily achieve the look of long, luscious hair, but does not want it to look unnatural or out of place.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions can be easily clipped into your hair at home or at the salon! You do not need to be a professional to achieve a natural, professional look with clip in extensions. These are very popular because they are a great temporary option. If you’re thinking about growing your hair out or opting for sew in extensions, clip ins are a great way to try out the look to see if it’s for you.

Bead Hair Extensions

Bead hair extensions, also called microbead or cylinder hair extensions, use microbeads which are clamped down on wefts of hair extensions to firmly attach to your head. The bead approach is helpful because you can reuse the same bundle of hair extension wefts multiple times, so you may save money and can get more out of the hair you buy.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions, also called hot fusion hair extensions or keratin fusion hair extensions, are hair extensions that are attached to your head with a keratin-based tip. Heat is used to fuse—hence “fusion”—the hair to your head. Because your hair is already made primarily of keratin, fusion hair extensions tend to look very natural and “at home” on your head. In this method of hair extensions, there is no tape or glue involved, but you still get a natural look.

I personally have been using Aqua extensions for years and love the quality and longevity that the hair provides. So if extensions are something your interested in, feel free to book your free consultation.

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