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$399 IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer: Worth it or Not?

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Close-up image of the IQ Perfetto hair dryer, showcasing its sleek design and advanced features for professional hairstyling.

The IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, with customers citing its lightweight, powerful motor, and quiet operation as some of its best features.

However, this dryer is not without its drawbacks too.

So, I'm here to take you through whether or not this dryer really IS worth the hefty price tag of $399.

Let's get started.

Why the IQ Perfetto is Worth it

As a hairstylist myself, I have used the IQ Perfetto and put it through its paces. So, if you're wondering if the IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer is worthy of the price tag, then read on.

Here are the 5 reasons why the IQ Perfetto is worth it. The IQ Perfetto is:

  • Lightweight and Powerful: this dryer was originally designed for salons, so it's great to take on the go.

  • Quiet: IQ Perfetto has one of the quietest motors in hairdryers available right now.

  • Ergonomically Balanced: IQ Perfetto is very ergonomic and easy to hold; plus, its handle won't hurt your wrist.

  • Easy to Use and Clean: IQ Perfetto's handle is simple and easy to wipe down and clean (you won't need a toothbrush like other dryers).

  • Adds a Beautiful Finish to Hair: IQ Perfetto has a beautiful finish to the hair, so it looks fantastic.

As you can see, the IQ Perfetto has many features worthy of the $320 price tag. However, now that we know how the IQ Perfetto functions in an ideal world, let's take a look at...

Why the IQ Perfetto Might Not be Worth it

The IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer is a high-end hair dryer that has many features that make it worth the price. However, there are also several drawbacks that may make it not worth the purchase for some people, depending on what is important.

Here are some of the drawbacks that we have noticed ourselves, and after digging through reviews:

  • The IQ Perfetto is very expensive at $399

  • It is very lightweight and easy to use, but it is not as durable as other hair dryers on the market

  • The sound of the motor has been proven to increase in volume after only a couple of uses. Since it then is on a higher pitch than most humans' voices, it can be difficult to talk over when drying hair

  • The filter ring is made of cheap material and can easily break if not handled with care

  • While the IQ Perfetto does have a cold shot button, it is a press-and-hold, rather than a click on/off button which adds a touch of inconvenience

As you can see, this dryer is not without its drawbacks. So now that you have all the best and worst of the IQ Perfetto, it's time to decide whether or not it's worth it.

Key Takeaways

While in an ideal world, the IQ Perfetto is everything we wish it could be - easy on the arms and pretty powerful, however, there seem to be a few key issues with design and durability.

Ultimately, only you can decide if the IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer is worth this much money for YOU.

Either way, I suggest that you weigh your options and do some research before you make your decision.

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