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10 Best Men Haircuts to Try in 2023

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The start of the new year also means a fresher start for you as a person. Leaving 2022 behind, we understand that many men will work towards newer goals and make themselves better humans. However, a newer hairstyle is one aspect many people would unknowingly be inclined towards for a change in their life.

If you are someone who wants to try a new men's hairstyle this year, then this article is for you. Hop on below to learn some of the best ones.

Close-up view of a modern men's taper haircut, showcasing seamlessly blended sides and a neat finish on top.

Hair speaks a lot about a person, and in many cases, the hairstyle one keeps can also depict their personality. Hence, carrying a hairstyle that suits you best is essential. If you plan on changing your hairstyle this new year, learn about some of the trending hairstyles below.

1. The Full-Bodied Taper Mens Haircut

One of the most famous hairstyles this year is the one in trend a few years back. The full-bodied taper is back in style and is here to stay. This particular hairstyle is one of the most famous among men due to its simple, functional, and multipurpose approach.

This hairstyle makes your hair fuller, even on the upper side, with a neat and finessed trim. Hence, this hairstyle can be carried everywhere easily, whether for work or personal events. This simple hairstyle gives men the confidence to carry it in style.

2. Medium Length Waves Mens Hairstyle

There is a specific ratio of people who aren't fans of either longhair or too-short hair. Hence, finding a hairstyle that maintains a perfect balance between these two is essential.

If you are someone in the same boat, then medium-length waves are your go-to hairstyle. However, this particular hairstyle isn't trimmed off at the salon but is achieved with immense patience and care.

When one gets bored with their taper or fade cut, one needs to let their sides grow back. This is because for this hairstyle to be visible, the side hair needs to catch up with the front, which would take some time. Once done, they can give a messy yet stunning outlook.

Grown-out hairstyles like these take time, but if done correctly can offer a cool look.

3. Natural Long Hair

Many men have started owning up to their long locks and taking them along in 2023. If you like long hair but were hesitant to keep it before, this might be the year to do that.

Natural long hair doesn't require much effort but requires immense patience when growing out. Once done, it will give you a stylish bad-boy look that is bound to lure some girls toward you.

4. Tousled Layers

We usually all have observed layer cutting in women. However, who said men could not have the same hairstyle too? While female layers run more downward in length, men can have this particular hairstyle in a tousled mess on the top of their heads.

The layers would give the hair a fuller look, while the tousled effect would create a natural mess. Both of these together would create a classic look.

5. High Faded Crop

Crops, a stylish men's haircut trend that's been popular since last year, continues to make waves in 2023. Featuring short, tousled hair on top paired with faded sides, this look is sure to turn heads when worn with confidence.

6. Angular Swoop

While fringe-less hairstyles have been in trend, fringe haircuts like angular swoop are again rising in dominance. Adding a fringe to your haircut would be a perfect way to add dimension and textures, and this angular swoop hairstyle would be a perfect way to achieve it.

The long front kinked fringe would be a focal point that will look stylish upfront while effortlessly and neatly blending with all the hair on the back. This hairstyle is a great option to pick up this year.

7. Loose 90s Spikes

Remember how around a decade ago, spikes were one of the trendiest hairstyles one could imagine, with every male on earth donning it with pride? Well, the style that died down years ago is slowly returning.

While the re-trending spikes aren't the gelled ones as you remember, this hairstyle is more on the casual side of the picture. Strands of hair standing up in a lousy, messy manner would give the spikey effect you crave without any external gel appliance.

8. Side Swept

The side swept is yet another casual but professional hairstyle you can easily carry. The best part is that this particular hairstyle doesn't need a lot of hair to be chopped off, and with only a few inches and some combing techniques, you can get a gorgeous messy but tamed look.

The best part is that this side-swept hair can be carried with no product for a looser look. However, using a hair product can always work if you want to add more tightness to your hair for specific events.

9. The Undercut

Like a side cut, the undercut is one hairstyle that has remained constant throughout the years. Hence, like all other years, this undercut hairstyle was also making its way back in 2022.

The hairstyle exemplifies the proper form of short on the side and long on the top kind of hairstyle and can be spiced up with each person's variation too.

10. The Crop

Last but not least, for our 2023 hairstyle list, the crop is a significant stark contrast to the undercut's short and even hair.

The hair is even in length, with a flat fringe up front. The hairstyle gives more of a wet hair outlook and is a perfect option for those that prefer shorter hair.

Wrapping Up: The Evolution and Artistry of Men's Hairstyles

In conclusion, a good haircut can make all the difference in a man's appearance. It is important to take the time to find the right style and barber to ensure you look your best. With the right cut, you can enhance your features, show off your personality, and boost your confidence. We hope this article has inspired you to take control of your look and make an appointment for a new haircut today. Click here to learn more about the services we offer or click here to book your appointment now. Don't wait, make the change today and feel the confidence that comes with a great haircut.

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